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Certain bad habits are difficult to avoid when we get into a car to drive.

The important thing is to recognize them, keep in mind what risks may exist, and be aware.

We tell you what they are, so that you can advise your mother, friend, wife, or sister and protect their safety.

Driving on heels

It’s better to wear comfortable shoes when driving, as heels can hinder the mobility of the feet. The narrow toe of the shoe will make pedal control less effective, while the heel will create a distance between the heel and the ground, making the lateral movement of the foot difficult.

Makeup while driving

It’s best not to use the rear-view mirror to apply makeup; it forces you to move it from the position, and this causes you to lose visibility. In addition, attention is lost to any risk that may occur. At the wheel, it’s always better to be focused while driving.

Put the purse next to the pedals 

Any object close to the pedals can be risky, because if they are blocked, it would not allow braking, accelerating, or stepping on the clutch. Avoid this type of incident by leaving the bag in the trunk and clearing the pedal area.

Driving while pregnant 

It’s not recommended for a woman to drive after the sixth month of pregnancy, because the steering wheel in the womb can hurt the baby and the mother. In addition, the woman’s mobility may be somewhat limited. If possible, don’t drive after six months of pregnancy and, if you must, always be accompanied.

These are a few recommendations to ensure that women avoid exposing their safety and that of those who accompany them in the vehicle as much as possible.


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