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A pickup is a justified luxury. For people with their own business, a work vehicle is the main argument for buying it. They are extremely useful due to their load capacity and their power, especially on unpaved roads, and their maneuverability.

Pickups have great aesthetic beauty and convey a sense of power that only a sports car can imitate.

However, its price is much more accessible.

But like any vehicle, these powerhouses also require ongoing maintenance.

If you give it the care it deserves, it can give you their full power for a long time, and this is crucial if you consider it a part of your work team.


Loading capacity


It’s the main reason for the existence of pickups. You can load them with a weight like a small truck or a 5-meter-long car. With a huge trunk, a pickup can carry up to a ton of weight.

In addition, 4×4 versions can pull up to 3.5 tons of weight.

Are ideal when you have your own business, where you must constantly supply merchandise, or if you need to supply different points with merchandise or equipment.




Are practically off-road vehicles, even in their rear-wheel-drive version.

Built on a chassis of stringers and crossbars, with the ability to circulate on difficult roads.

Many trucks perform better on these types of roads than off-road cars, but at a much lower price.

In addition, its versatility allows good driving conditions on these roads, as well as on the highway, where they have great stability and power.


Partial comfort


Traveling in the back seats of a pickup is not as comfortable as going in the front seats, and even less traveling in the box (it is prohibited in urban areas).

But this is a necessity of its design. Remember, it was designed to carry cargo, not passengers.


Can you help me?


When your friends or family know you have a cargo vehicle, it will be common for them to ask you for help.

Both for a move, to bring a small new piece of furniture to your home, or to go on a picnic.


Long useful life


In rural areas, it’s common to see these types of vehicles, regardless of whether they are old models.

This is because they’re used for the purpose for which they were purchased, and in addition, they have been well maintained.


There are many factors to buying a pickup, but just satisfying a taste is enough.

Pickups at Coast to Coast Motors are “the house specialty”.

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