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Make sure you avoid these mistakes when you get your next car

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, January 23rd, 2018 at 7:21 PM
couple talking to a car salesman

Common Mistakes Used Car Buyers Make 

Buying a car is a decision that holds a lot of weight in your day-to-day life. You will not only owe money on it for the years to come, but you will use it almost every day, so you want to make sure you get a vehicle that fits your exact needs and is going to last you a long time. Especially with a used car, there are a lot of mistakes you can make along the way that will get in the way of getting your ideal car. Here are some common mistakes used car buyers make.  (more...)

These methods may not actually save you any gas money

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Thursday, January 19th, 2018 at 6:27 PM
filling up a gas tank

Common Gas Mileage Myths 

Trying to optimize gas mileage is important to many drivers out there. They want to be able to save as much gas money as possible, especially in the case of long commuters. However, you may be surprised to find out that many of the preconceived notions we have about fuel economy are actually not true. Here are some common gas mileage myths, so that you don’t end up wasting your time on methods that will not be effective.  (more...)

Here are some of the safety features to look for in your next car

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ, Tips and Tricks on Monday, January 16th, 2018 at 10:03 PM
Kia Optima frame

Important Car Safety Features 

Everyone knows that having a safe car is one of the most vital elements to look for in a vehicle. You want to make sure that the car you’re in can give you the peace of mind to know that you and your passengers are consistently safe out on the road. However, many often do not know exactly what to look for when it comes to safety features in a car. Luckily, Coast to Coast Motors is here to help by showing you the most important car safety features to have.  (more...)

Check out which cars are best for going on adventures

By Product Expert | Posted in Chevrolet, Jeep, RAM, Toyota on Friday, January 13th, 2018 at 7:06 PM
gray Jeep Wrangler driving off road

What Cars are Best for Off-Roading? 

A vital element that many drivers take into account when buying a car is its ability to drive in off-road situations. Having a car that can go on any adventure that you want is guaranteed to be a blast to drive. There are a lot of features that are useful for driving specifically in off-roading situations. But what are some of these features? Additionally, what cars are best for off-roading? Continue reading to see some of the great off-road vehicles we have available here at Coast to Coast Motors.  (more...)

Here’s what to do to get the best vehicle resale value

By Product Expert | Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, January 5th, 2018 at 7:36 PM
interior detailing of a glove box

Tips for Maintaining Car Resale Value 

Once people purchase a new or used car, many often end up forgetting that they may also end up selling that vehicle to someone else. Because of this, maintaining the value of your car can be vital to make your purchase worth it. But what do you need to do in order to properly maintain the resale value of your vehicle? Here are some tips for maintaining car value.  (more...)

Here is what you need to look for during your test drive

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2018 at 8:05 PM
car salesman giving customer keys

Tips for Test Driving a Car 

When it comes time to purchase a new vehicle, test driving is a vital part of making sure you make the right choice. Whether you are buying new or pre-owned, getting all the right takeaways from the test drive is incredibly important. But what should you look out for when it comes time for the test drive? Here are just a few tips for test driving a car.  (more...)