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Video: Step-By-Step Guide To Jump Start Your Car

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 at 3:32 PM
Man looking under the hood of a car that is parked on the side of a road

While proper vehicle maintenance can help car owners to avoid most unexpected car troubles, eventually all drivers will experience a breakdown or loss of power. If you find yourself stuck with a dead battery, find a step-by-step instructional video for how to jump-start your car below. Once you jump start your car, it’s a good idea to head straight to your local service center so they can test your battery to see if you need a replacement. If you don’t head straight to the service center, it’s important that you drive around for at least 20 minutes so your battery can charge and you aren’t left stranded the next time you stop your car. (more...)

What paperwork do I need to bring to a test drive appointment?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018 at 3:27 PM
Car salesman pointing out vehicle features to a car shopper

Are you interested in taking a test drive appointment or already have one set up but aren’t sure which paperwork you will need to bring with you to your appointment? We discuss what you will and will not need to bring with you to the dealership below. (more...)

Our Favorite Spooky Podcasts To Listen To This October

By Product Expert | Posted in For Fun on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 at 4:21 PM
Looking out a car windshield from the drivers point of view

While candy and costumes may be the best part about the Halloween season for small kids, for many adults it’s all about the scare factor. Thanks to the rise of podcasts and audio streaming capability, drivers now have access to their favorite content on the go. Fans of horror and paranormal stories have a seemingly endless list of must-listen podcasts for the Halloween 2018 season. Check out our top 4 favorites below. (more...)

Tips and Tricks for Getting Rid of Bumper Stickers With No Damage

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 at 12:41 PM
White hatchback filled completely with bumper stickers

Whether you inherited a car filled with dad’s old bumper stickers or you want to clean things up before selling, trying to peel an old bumper sticker off the back of your car can be frustrating if you don’t know the right tricks and using sharp objects like a razor blade to scrape it away can damage your paint. Find 3 easy ways to remove old bumper stickers without causing damage to your car below. (more...)

Which cars and trucks retain the most value over time?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ, Q&A on Thursday, October 12th, 2018 at 9:31 PM
Family of four sitting in the back of their crossover

The second a new car leaves the dealership lot, it instantly depreciates in value. While this is true for all new vehicles, some take a bigger hit than others over time. Find out which vehicles and brands have the highest and lowest depreciation values below. (more...)

Three of the Most Haunted Locations in Texas

By Product Expert | Posted in Community on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 at 6:52 PM
woman wearing black nail polish holding a small orange pumpkin

The state of Texas is home to a number of haunted locations whose histories will send a chill down your spine. This October spend some time researching three of the spookiest locations the state has to offer. We have listed them below. (more...)