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See the difference between these two drive systems

By Product Expert | Posted in How does it work?, Technology, Tips and Tricks on Wednesday, February 8th, 2018 at 7:22 PM
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AWD vs 4WD 

Most drivers know that having an advanced drive system can make a huge difference in how your vehicle handles. It can help a lot in adverse weather, off-roading or a variety of other situations that may require a more firm grip on the road. However, a common cause of confusion for many drivers is that some vehicles have all-wheel drive, and some vehicles have four-wheel drive. So what is the difference? Which of these drive systems is right for you? Find out in this AWD vs 4WD comparison. 

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4WD Qualities car driving fast on the road

Four-wheel drive is the older drive system of the two, and has not changed very much since its original inception. One of the most notable qualities of a four-wheel drive system is that it is often put into pickup trucks and larger SUVs, which is often because of its performance qualities as compared to AWD. 

There are multiple pros and cons that come with having four-wheel drive in your vehicle. Some of the pros are that it gives you more control over the lower gears, having the option for front-wheel drive to save gas and more. Cons include a higher possibility of damaged differentials and more. 

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AWD Qualities 

All-wheel drive is the more modern drive system between the two. It is more often used is crossovers and some sedans. It comes with a few more modern touches in terms of technologies, which often make it more convenient than 4WD for those who are looking for this performance without the added effort. 

All-wheel drive systems have their positives, but that certainly does not mean there are no drawbacks to it. Some of the positives of AWD include is that it does the thinking for you and that everything is easily kept under control. One of the major cons is that, since it is a more complicated system, it is much harder and more expensive to repair. 

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