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How Many Miles Should I Wait Between Oil Changes?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ, Tips and Tricks on Monday, April 29th, 2019 at 6:58 PM
Car mechanic pouring oil into an engine

While many drivers still follow the old adage that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles, it isn’t really necessary with most modern vehicles. We break down the guidelines you should be following when it comes to changing your vehicle’s oil below.

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Do I Need To Change My Oil Every 3,000 Miles?

oil spilling out of a grey plastic bottleIf you are driving a vehicle that was made in the last ten years, there is a good chance that you can stretch your oil change intervals out past the old 3,000-mile mark. Just how much depends on your specific model. We always encourage drivers to check their owner’s manual for specific oil change interval information. Your owner’s manual will also tell you exactly what kind of oil you should be using. Don’t stray too far from your owner’s manual guidelines as this could eventually cause hard to your engine which can result in costly repairs and reduced performance.

Can I change my oil at home?

Typically, service centers charge pretty affordable rates for an oil change without too much markup. While drivers who choose to change their oil at home could save a few bucks every few months, we don’t think the difference in price alone makes a DIY oil change worth the time and effort. Here, it’s more about personal preference and timing. If you have the know-how and all of the tools for the job at home, you can skip waiting for an appointment at your local service center. If not, we say stick with the pros for this task.

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