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Should I Change My Own Oil?

By Product Expert | Posted in Q&A, Tips and Tricks on Friday, July 14th, 2018 at 9:38 PM
Oil pouring from a bottle into an engine

There’s no getting around it, vehicle ownership is expensive. Thrifty drivers looking to save on automotive vehicle service often wonder whether they can do the service task themselves at home for less. While some maintenance and repair tasks should be exclusively saved for the pros, other tasks like oil changes can be done at home. How much money can you save if you change your oil at home? Keep reading to find out.

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How much money do you save changing your own oil?

Two mechanics working underneath a raised vehicleIt’s hard to say just how much you will or won’t save on DIY oil changes because of all of the cost factors involved including the price of an oil change at your local service center, the cost of the actual oil, and the cost of any tools you don’t already have lying around at home. What we can say is that in most service centers oil changes are some of the quickest maintenance items and typically aren’t marked up very high in cost. Depending on the cost of your time and the other factors we listed above, it’s not a given that you will come out saving any money at all let alone enough money to make the work worth it.

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The Verdict:

In our opinion, you should consider taking on an at-home oil change if you love working with cars or if you want to learn a new skill. In terms of saving money, you may be better off finding ways to save in other areas. Some smaller vehicle maintenance items like replacing an air filter or replacing a headlight can be done at home for only a few dollars in a short amount of time. Consider doing these tasks at home to save on service charges and time spent at the dealership instead.