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Why is my signal light blinking so fast?

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ, Tips and Tricks on Friday, October 25th, 2019 at 5:16 PM
Taillight of vehicle

How to change your turn signal bulb

You are at a stop sign about to make a turn. You turn on your blinker and all of a sudden you hear an incredibly fast clicking sound. Your first thought is that something under the hood of your car must be off, so you keep ongoing. However, when you make anther turn, the clicking sound comes back. What is going on? One of your turn signal bulbs is out! Keep reading as we delve into how to change your turn signal bulb!

Before you replace the bulb

Head over to your local auto parts store. Ask them to assist you in finding the correct bulb for your vehicle. Once you have the correct bulb, then you are ready to move onto the following steps.

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Vehicle on Road Driving Away

Replacing your turn signal bulb

The first step in replacing the bulb is getting access to it

This is probably the hardest step. Look at the outside of your vehicle and see if you can remove the taillight cover and replace the light that way. If you cannot, you will have to go through the trunk. If you have to go through the trunk, you will probably have to move some of the lining around, and then look for a plastic cover. You might have to remove some screws. Then, there should be a knob on the cover that you have to twist in order to pop the cover off.

The next step is removing the bulb

Grab the bulb softly with a rag, push it, turn it to the left, and then remove the bulb. It is as easy as that!

Step three is to clean out the socket

Use a wire brush to clean out the socket.

Man working on taillightFinally, replace the old bulb with the new one

Gently put the bulb into the socket and turn it to the right. This should tighten the bulb into place. Before you put everything back together, test the new bulb to make sure that it works. If it all looks good, go ahead and put everything back together the way that it was.

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Congratulations! You have just replaced the turn signal bulb in your vehicle!

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