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What can I do to save fuel and improve my efficiency?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, May 20th, 2019 at 8:00 AM
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Vehicle ownership can be expensive and weekly fuel costs add up, especially if you aren’t doing your part to conserve gas. We have listed five of our best tips that explain how to best optimize your fuel economy to save money at the fuel pump below.

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How To Optimize Your Fuel Economy And Save Money

Reduce Weight

The more weight your vehicle has to cart around, the harder it needs to work and the more fuel it needs to use. While many drivers like to keep everything but the kitchen sink stored in the cargo space or trunk just because, it’s one of the first things that should be reduced if you are looking to conserve fuel. No more storing returns and dry cleaning in the back for weeks before running that dreaded errand.

Stop Idling

close up of the headlight of a vehicle driving down a road at sunsetModern engines will expend more power and fuel during an extended idle than they do turning on and off. If you find yourself waiting in the car for a family member to run into the store or a child to meet you at drop off, it’s best to turn everything off and restart once you are ready to move.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Keeping everything tuned under the hood can have you keep up your fuel economy scores at the correct level. Perhaps the most important maintenance item to keep up with for fuel conservation is tire care. Tires that are worn, out of alignment, or improperly filled will create increased friction and make your vehicle work harder than it has to.

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Avoid Traffic

While nobody goes looking for traffic, taking a few minutes to research current traffic before you head out the door can help you avoid the worst of it. Stop-and-go traffic is arguably the worst driving conditions for conserving fuel.

Use Less Air Conditioning

Blasting your air conditioning can have a surprising impact on your level of fuel use. When possible, turn the air conditioning off and open the windows for increased circulation and cool air. If you do need to run the air, keep the system off of full blast and turn things down further once the cabin is cool.

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