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Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Driving Laws

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ on Monday, July 17th, 2018 at 9:07 PM
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At Coast to Coast Motors, we get a lot of questions about weird driving laws in the state of Texas. We advocate for safe driving practices regardless of whether there is a law on the books or not, but we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the questions we get like “Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Texas?” to see if they are true. Take a look below.

Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Texas?

No. There is no law in Texas that prohibits people from driving barefoot. In fact, there are currently zero states with laws about driving barefoot. With that being said, driving barefoot is not a wise choice and could limit the amount of traction and control you have over your brake and gas pedals. If you are in an accident while driving barefoot, it could possibly be used to show that your driving ability may have been compromised.

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Man in sunglasses sitting in the driver seat of a carIs it illegal to drive in flip flops in Texas?

No. Like driving barefoot, driving in flip flops is legal but not recommended. Flip flops can be slippery causing you to lose a grip on the gas and/or brake pedal. They also have a tendency to fall off your feet and can get trapped under pedals which can cause a serious accident. If you do plan on wearing flip flops, we recommend bringing along a pair of sneakers to switch into for driving.

Is it illegal to ride in the bed of a pickup truck in Texas?

Is it illegal to drive without a shirt in Texas?

No. There are no specific laws about driving without a shirt on in Texas. Though, depending on the circumstances, you may be breaking other laws regarding indecent exposure. It’s probably a good idea to quick throw a shirt on before getting behind the wheel.

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Is it illegal to drive with headphones on in Texas?

No. There are no specific laws about driving with headphones in Texas. However, if you are wearing headphones you could be at risk for getting a ticket for other violations like distracted driving. Driving with headphones in is not safe and should be avoided.

Texas driving laws may change without notice or may differ from what is written above. It’s important to clarify with local law enforcement about the specific laws and guidelines in your area to avoid penalties.