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Get into your vehicle without a traditional key!

By Product Expert | Posted in How does it work?, Technology on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at 4:43 PM
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What is the difference between smart key and keyless entry?

You have just purchased a new vehicle and you are very excited that it has a keyless entry. You are talking to one of your friends and during your conversation, you interchange “keyless entry” and “smart key.” You friend becomes confused because these two terms actually cannot be interchanged. So, which do you have, keyless entry or smart key entry? What is the difference between smart key and keyless entry? Keep reading as we learn more about these two features!

Generic Key FobWhat is keyless entry?

Keyless entry is when you can enter, lock, and unlock your vehicle without a traditional key. Sometimes this has also been called passive entry. Vehicles that come with this technology still have a key, but it does not have to be used.

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What is smart key?

A smart key takes the keyless entry technology one step further. In addition to being able to lock and unlock your vehicle without a key, a smart key also allows you to start your vehicle without a traditional key.

How does this key work to be able to do such a thing? We will tell you! Smart keys have a special chip inside of them that is recognized by your vehicle. As you approach your vehicle, it will sense the chip and unlock the doors automatically for you as well as remember various settings such as temperature, music, and steering wheel position.

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Are there any similarities between keyless entry and smart key?

Really, the only similarity between these two technologies is that they are able to unlock and lock your doors remotely. If it helps, you can think of keyless entry and smart keys this way:

A smart key can be a keyless entry, but not all keyless entries can be a smart key.

Interested in learning more about these technologies? Stop out and see us at Coast to Coast Motors! We would be happy to help you in your search for the perfect new-to-you vehicle!

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