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Tips and tricks for test driving a used vehicle 

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ, Q&A, Tips and Tricks on Thursday, October 25th, 2019 at 7:40 PM
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What to look for when test driving a used vehicle

You have decided that you want to purchase a used vehicle. Congratulations! This is an overwhelming, but exciting time. You know that it is necessary to take a used vehicle for a test drive before purchasing it, but you do not know exactly what to look for. You have come to the right place. Keep reading our guide about what to look for when test driving a used vehicle!

Before you step foot into that vehicle…

Make sure that the first thing you do is walk around the vehicle. Turn on all of the lights, flashers, blinkers, etc. to make sure that they all work. Look closely at the doors and bumpers to make sure that the colors match exactly. If they are even slightly off, this can be an indication that the vehicle was in an accident. Look under the vehicle. Are there any fluids dripping or items hanging from the bottom of the vehicle? Look at the tires to determine if you will need to replace them right away, or if you can get a few thousand miles out of them yet.

Man showing woman inside of vehicleLook at the interior of the vehicle

You are not quite ready for your test drive yet. Look at and test every system in the vehicle to make sure they all work, and that they are comfortable to you. Adjust the driver’s seat, mirrors, and steering wheel. Are there additional driver-assist features? If so, do they work? Test out all of the lights to make sure that they turn on. Look at the dashboard. Are all of the lights illuminating? Try out some radio stations to make sure that all of the speakers are working. Finally, use the heating and cooling systems. Check that the different fan levels work. Close all of the windows to see that there are no funky smells coming from the vents. 

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Person Pushing Buttons on RadioIt is finally time to drive

As you are driving, make sure that there are few to no noises inside of the vehicle so that you can really listen to the engine. Does it sound good as you rev it up? Does it vibrate or do anything weird as you apply the brakes? What about when you turn, are there any funky noises that should not be there? Keep using your five senses as you are on the test drive.

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Where can I test drive a used vehicle in Houston, TX?

Stop on out and visit us at Coast to Coast Motors. We would be happy to show you our used car inventory as well as let you take some for a test drive!

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