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Keeping your vehicle on the straight and narrow

By Product Expert | Posted in FAQ, How does it work?, Q&A, Safety, Tips and Tricks on Tuesday, November 13th, 2019 at 6:19 PM
Keeping your vehicle on the straight and narrow

Why does my vehicle pull to one side?

You are going down the street and you are holding your steering wheel straight when you notice that your vehicle is drifting to the right or to the left. You hold the steering wheel at an angle, and everything seems to be better. However, it really is not. Have you been asking for a while now, “why does my vehicle pull to one side?” There are a couple of reasons your vehicle could be pulling. It might be because a tire on that side does not have enough air in it, or it might be because your vehicle needs an alignment. Keep reading as we discuss possible reasons that your vehicle is pulling one way or the other.

Black and white photo of a streetThe road is not straight

Did you know that roads are not constructed in a straight line? There is always a tilt to them so that water and other liquids can drain off. The slope of the road can cause the vehicle to pull in that direction. If you consistently drive down a specific road and you feel your vehicle pull, test out some other roads. This one specific road might be at an increased angle, and there might not be anything wrong with your tires.

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Flat TireUneven air pressure

When the tire pressure in one of your tires is low, that tire is actually shorter than the other three tires. This causes the alignment of your wheels to change. Additionally, if you feel your vehicle pulling, check the pressure in the back tires. If a back tire has low pressure, that can cause the front tires to pull and mess up the alignment.

How do I rotate my tires myself?

Tire Conicity

Sometimes, a tire can wear incorrectly resulting in the tire to wear in the shape of a cone instead of a cylinder. If this happens, it is usually noticeable right after your tires have been changed, and it is usually covered under warranty. If you think this is happening, take your vehicle back to where you had your tires replaced and speak with your technician about what you are noticing.


If you are applying the brakes and your vehicle begins to pull, there is probably an issue with the suspension. This is especially true if your vehicle does not pull when driving down the street. Additionally, if you are experiencing a pull when applying the brakes, it might be due to one of the calipers being too far back. As a result, your brakes will be wearing unevenly.

Car getting an alignmentYour vehicle needs an alignment

Did you recently have new tires put on your vehicle? If so, you should have had them aligned right away. If you did not have your vehicle aligned, you should have it done as soon as possible. This will help ensure that all of the parts on your vehicle are in line and wearing properly.

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