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Everything is bigger in Texas, including the driving laws

By Product Expert | Posted in Community, For Fun on Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 at 8:00 AM
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Strange Texas driving laws that you did not know about

Every state is quirky and known for something. Everything is bigger in Texas, Wisconsin has cows, and every state has at least a few driving rules that no one knows about. What are the strange Texas driving laws that you did not know about? Keep reading to learn more. We promise you, they will not disappoint.

Eight strange Texas driving laws

Gavel Next To Law BooksOne: It is legal to drive without a windshield, but it is illegal to drive without windshield wipers

One still has to wipe…. the driver and front passenger when cruising down the highway?

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Two: There is to be nothing coming from the bumper of your vehicle, unless it is attached with a chain

Isn’t it a bad thing when something is coming out of your bumper? What is a trailer hitch for then?

Three: In Lubbock, you cannot drive within an arm’s length of alcohol. Even if it is in someone else’s bloodstream

Make sure that if you are the designated driver that your vehicle has three rows of seats and that the people you are with sit all the way in the back!

Four: In Texarkana, you can ride your horse at night, but only if it has taillights

So, do I have to upgrade to a mechanical horse because my current horse runs on oats, hay, and grass, not electricity?

Five: In the Denton County section of Forth Worth, you must set your parking brake every time you leave your vehicle

In case it rolls away while getting gas at the gas station?

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Six: It is illegal to do a U-Turn in Richardson

If you missed your turn, just keep on keeping on!

Seven: It is illegal to drive down Broadway Street in Galveston before noon on a Sunday

Hopefully, you do not mind the extended walk to your destination.

Eight: You cannot have an open container in your vehicle.

But I was hungry…

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