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We launched our new FlashPass, that’s 4 easy steps to buy from your mobile device


We live in a digital world where we perform hundreds of tasks from smartphones on a daily basis. Given this ease, at Coast to Coast Motors, we offer you a new easy-to-use platform that allows you to buy a vehicle reliably and with virtual advice.

FlashPass has 4 simple steps and in this article, we explain each of them.


Step 1: Complete the FlashPass

The first thing is to visit www.ctcautogroup.com/FlashPass to fill out the form with your personal information and details about your income. Additionally, you will receive a link to your phone and email to send a copy of your ID, proof of income, and proof of address.

Step 2: Get your FlashPass

After completing Step 1, we will be able to validate the information to grant your FlashPass approval. If approved, you will receive a notification by text message and email.

Step 3: Get vehicle pricing instantly

FlashPass will allow you to receive access to our system and know the prices of all the vehicles that we can approve with the information received. In addition, it will allow you to add your favorite vehicles to your digital garage, and unlock additional vehicles with an increased down payment.

Step 4: Pick your vehicle and drive

Once you have selected the vehicles that you like the most, you can make a video call with our representatives so that you can see each vehicle in detail from the comfort of where you are, you will choose the one you like the most, select the date to pick it up and drive away.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to make your dream of buying a car come true and Coast To Coast has put it at your fingertips in the simplest way so that you can save time and choose the vehicle that you like best and that suits your needs.

For more information about the FlashPass visit www.ctcautogroup.com/FlashPass and start your process today.

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