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Technology has put at our fingertips many possibilities that were unimaginable several decades ago.

Traditional commerce is gradually being overtaken by its electronic counterpart, which, in turn, will present a before and after of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surely you are wondering “How come it has grown so fast?”

Simple, in part, it has been thanks to mobile devices, since today it’s not needed to connect to a computer to make purchases online; it can be done from a smartphone or a tablet.

Quite simply, in 2009 only 22% had a smartphone. 10 years later, at least 90% of the population owns one.

Coast to Coast Motors has this valuable information in mind.

On the one hand, technology is the current way of making purchases; and on the other, it makes it easier for customers to acquire what they offer.

But buying a car through an app?

Indeed. Through Fast Pass, it’s possible to get a vehicle.

The design of this application is friendly and simple so that customers can start their purchase process, and know what vehicles are available, and at their fingertips.

It’s no longer necessary to wait long times at a dealership. You simply apply online, get approval in minutes for qualified buyers, pick your vehicle online with pricing listed, and stop by one of the Coast to Coast Motors locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, or Houston to pick up your vehicle and start driving.  The best part is you can buy here and pay here with Coast to Coast Motors, and in some instances, if qualified, you can get 0% interest on your vehicle purchase.

With Fast Pass, the excitement of buying a car begins.

It seems the future has caught up with us, but Coast to Coast Motors has put it in the palm of our hands.

Take advantage of this fantastic tool that speeds up the purchase of the car of your dreams.

With Fast Pass, you will have a car in the blink of an eye!

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