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There are many reasons your car may shake while driving, and none of them should be ignored. Take a look at these common causes of a vibrating car.

So you’re driving down the road and your car starts shaking and vibrating. While you may not know exactly what is causing the issue, it doesn’t take a master mechanic to know it’s a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. Is your car shaking?

The professionals at Coast to Coast Motors love to provide practical advice about car care, such as 5 tips for keeping your vehicle rust free. In that same spirit, we’ve put together a list of potential reasons your car may be shaking. Let’s take a look:

If Your Car Is Shaking When You Drive…

One reason your car may shake when driving even at low speeds is a faulty tire. If your car shakes at speeds of about 20 MPH, problems with the tread or internal belts of the tire could be to blame.

If Your Car Is Shaking When You Brake…

The most obvious suspect is the brakes themselves, and dirty brake pads or out-of-balance rotors could be the cause—but there are other problems with your vehicle that can cause your car to shake when braking.

If the shaking only tends to occur when you’re stopping from a higher speed, it could be that the alignment is off. If you notice your vehicle pulling to the left or right, then an alignment may solve the problem.

If Your Car Shakes When Starting…

If your car shakes upon starting, several potential issues could be to blame. Engine problems, such as dirty filters or the need for new spark plugs, can cause your car to shake due to a lack of sufficient air or fuel.

Also, consider the crankshaft damper. The purpose of this part is to stop shaking. If it’s not functioning properly, intense vibrations can be the result. If left unrepaired, the shaking will get worse over time.

Other possible reasons your car may shake when starting include:

  • A Wheel Imbalance
  • Issues with the Axles
  • Warped Brake Rotors

Even cold weather may be to blame as very low temperatures may hinder your engine’s performance.

If Your Car Shakes When Accelerating…

If your car shakes while accelerating, you’ll need to consider several possible causes including everything from imbalanced tires to a faulty brake component or from misfiring spark plugs to a bent axle.

A clue that it could be a bent axle is that the shaking will grow increasingly worse the more you accelerate. Another cause to consider is an issue with the u-joint. If you notice knocking when accelerating or decelerating, the u-joint may be to blame.

If Your Car Shakes When You Hit 60MPH…

Again, tires could be the problem. Unbalanced tires are the most probable reason your car will shake once you reach 60 MPH. That’s because the lack of balance causes the steering to vibrate as the speed increases.

If it’s not the tires, a sticky brake caliper or the need to repair the brake rotors are other possible causes.

If Your Car Is Vibrating For No Reason…

If you can’t pinpoint what action precedes the vibration, the cause could really be anything listed above including a problem with the u-joint, tires, brakes, or engine.

So What’s the Bottom Line?

The reason your car is shaking could be completely harmless or it could mean your car is dangerous to drive. It’s not possible to definitively diagnose the problem without having it looked at by a qualified mechanic, but one thing is certain: the vibrating should not be ignored. If you’d rather not deal with a car that needs constant repairs, visit Coast to Coast Motors to upgrade to a reliable vehicle at a great price. Worried about buying a new car or truck with less-than-perfect credit? We offer financing even for buyers with bad credit. Stop by today to see our large selection and for easy financing approval!

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